Finally There Is a Tinder for Mature Dating Over 40

Finally There Is a Tinder for Mature Dating Over 40

Tinder is a wonderful dating platform for many people, but it is also very generic. It is hard for people to find matches in specific categories.

Tinder is a wonderful dating platform for many people, but it is also very generic. It is hard for people to find matches in specific categories. This becomes even harder when your category of people doesn’t have a heavy representation on Tinder. Mature dating over 40 is an example of the group that does not have a big representation on Tinder. But now there is a Tinder for those who are interested in mature dating.

MatureD – Mature Dating: Meet Over 40, 50

MatureD, named Mature Dating: Meet Over 40, 50 on the iTunes Store, is your solution for a Tinder platform for mature dating. The target audience for this app is people over 40. MatureD wants to help make matches among the community of those who are considered mature. Just because you are mature doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have dating options just like Tinder.

Just like with Tinder, you can browse through pictures and short profiles to see if you find someone you like. An X means that you don’t believe you will be a match with a person and a heart means that you think that you could be a match. Very similar technology to Tinder. Also similar to Tinder, you can swipe to like a profile.

You can also view a long list of user pictures to try and find just the ones you want. This list can even be filtered to those nearby. Finding nearby singles can make matching even easier. The traditional Tinder like swiping/selection feature can also be sorted by nearby singles.

Unlike a few dating websites out there, MatureD does require that users have an account photo to act as an avatar. This makes sense though, the main purpose of the website is to make matches using photos and brief profiles. Without a photo it would be incredibly hard to know if you had any interest in someone. Other than requiring a photo, the information you put on your profile is up to you. The signup process has privacy in mind and your email address will never be given out. In fact, by requiring email verification, MatureD adds another step of user verification to fight fake accounts.

Free to Send Messages

One of the concerns that a lot of people over 40 and 50 have is that apps tend to be very complicated to use and they want to spend more time interacting with real people instead of messing with technology. This is addressed in two ways with the MatureD app. First, the designers have aimed to make the app very easy to use. With simple controls, easy steps, and clear navigation, the app is usable by people with any level of technological experience.

The second way that Mature Dating addresses those concerns is by not only making messaging easy but free. Not having to pay for something that should be included in the app is an added bonus. A lot of dating websites of all kinds charge just to be able to message other people. MatureD does not.

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Another problem that a lot of dating websites have is fake profiles. Both male and female users run into fake matches. It can be very disappointing to find a picture and brief profile you really like, only to find out it is a bot. Every account at Mature Dating: Meet Over 40, 50 is manually screened to ensure that each person is real. While no screening method is perfect, this will prevent a large amount of false profiles.

Only Available for iOS Devices

Currently the app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. However, MatureD is looking to make their platform available on the Android store too. The larger the user base, the more likely you are to make a match. Plus, users on Android phones are just as eager to find mature matches as those on iPhones.

If you are looking to get the MatureD app, it is a free download on the App Store. The only permissions that the app requires is the ability to freely access the internet. With the simple step of downloading the app and then creating your free account, you can start finding matches today. Ensuring your romantic future is just a few taps away.

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